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Separated Bike Lanes Now!

February 20, 2011

If you’ve spent a few minutes looking at this site, you’ll remember posts like Special Lanes Need Enforcement, Manhattan Cycling Scene, and A Dandytime and My First Bike Box – all of which deal with smarter, more efficient, and most importantly safer ways of structuring roads to take care of cyclists -and all road users.  With a plan for separated bike lanes up for discussion in the months to come for Toronto, I think it is important to speak for the urgency and necessity of improved cycling now.  Permanent infrastructure can, and perhaps should, sometimes take time to implement. Following the example of extremely successful projects in London UK, Montreal, and New York – Toronto must move quickly in embracing cycling as a part of the city.

In  both examples, projects were completed quickly and were immediately successful.  Don’t wait for any more “accidents” – aka life-threatening collisions – to start making cycling safer.  Sign our petition for Separated Bike Lanes NOW,