It’s Much Harder to be Kind than Clever

It’s been 2.5 weeks since my Savings Cycle was interrupted and I am really excited to report that I am feeling much better!  While I still have a bit of a nagging right knee injury that I’ll continue to have examined, and a broken left heel I am amazed that almost all traces of my wounds have disappeared.  So what’s next?

Well, first off, I promised myself that I would share my “right after it happened” photo if and when I healed so as to not appear a zombie any longer.  That day is here and so is that lovely photo.

Did someone say bike lanes on Jarvis? Yay!

The roughest part of my recovery, to be honest, was driving a Zipcar on Friday to get to work.  I never like driving, but have never been uncomfortable doing it.  While I have no conscious recollection of my accident, my unconcsious certainly has some ideas about what and how I should be navigating the city.  As I drove extra skittishly making sure to leave lots of distance for pedestrians and cyclists and realizing that drivers in the city have way too many things to pay attention to, my mind wandered to how badly I would injure a cyclist or walker if I struck them in my shared Honda Element.  I actually had to pull over twice, crying at the thought.  I have no issue or fear that I can foresee with climbing onto my bike, the rest of the world able to safely pass by me with no threat from me but I no longer want to be in a position where my own human error, or that of another, could make me and my car a killer.  By selecting my bike instead, I feel that I am ensuring that I am not a threat to others and that i am being kind to the world around me by doing so.  It’s much harder to be kind than clever.  Much harder to take lanes from the cars that endanger the humans that live in our city and give them to bikes and skaters who want nothing more than to power their own way through life rather than sit back and watch it roll past them with a flick of the ankle. It is much harder to change our city to be kinder to mother earth than to come up with clever new ways to relocate pollution through electric cars or hybrid technology.  It is harder to ride the train or carpool than to drive alone…but all of these choices can be better made by thinking about the other (all of them) and their needs, safety, and the promise held in each person’s life than it is to think only of oneself and what is easiest.  Making the world better is hard work…but there are plenty of us here to share the lifting as long as we engage.

I actually think the rest of what I have to say is said far better by Jeff Bezos in the commencement address he gave this year at Princeton (Jeff comes on at about 6:00).  Since recovering, I’ve had good reason to be extra thankful for…well…everything. Walking is now bliss and cause for contemplation.  Standing up without groaning immensely is another small pleasure.  My wife and rest of my family and friends are reminders that you always get the best out of people by treating them with love, charity, and kindness.  I’ve got some changes to make…a stressful year at work sees me getting a bit agitated with situations more than I like and I want to be more mindful to ensure that those around me know just how much I value them.  I want to floss more, drink less booze and more fresh-squeezed juice.  I can’t wait to be able to do Yoga everyday…a goal I had before, but never held in such high esteem.  Most importantly, I can’t wait to be back on a bike.  The BuB is no more…crushed by the car so I figure a change might be good.  I may grab a folding bike…maybe a new Batavus….or a Biomega with shaft drive…regardless of what the type, I can’t wait.


2 Responses to “It’s Much Harder to be Kind than Clever”

  1. Alexwarrior Says:

    Glad to hear the recovery is going well, this must been a pretty tough time.

  2. Gloria C. Says:

    however do you do it Nick? Sorry to have missed you today – let’s definitely find time later this week!

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