Healing Up – Big Cycling Week in TO

It was a week of very little adventure for me, personally. I left the house only once, on Thursday, to head over to Service Ontario for my new healh card and then sort out some next steps for care. My scrapes and cuts have healed up very well (thanks to all those who sent good tidings) but I’m left with what I’ve diagnosed as a broken left heel and probably some ligament damage in my right knee. Those are adding up to very little time spent on my feet…and moving very slowly when those times come up. I’ll be heading back to hospital on Tuesday to get stitches out and, hopefully, professional diagnosis on my lingering issues.

It was a much more interesting week in Toronto for cycling as the Jarvis bike lanes move towards completion (thanks @autom8 for the picture). lane markers on Jarvis..new bike lanes? i'm certainly st... on Twitpic

BIXI Toronto got its own Facebook fan page and a launch party is coming up on July 28th. The party will be the first opportunity to sign up for an annual membership and actively help getting BIXI launches in Toronto next May. 1000 memberships must be sold to guarantee the system’s implementation so stand and be counted! Not often can $100 (annual membership is estimated to be $95) directly impact a city’s evolution.

Just for kicks…here’s an especially poignant bonus photo of the Jarvis Bike Lanes (well done @HiMYSYeD on this one).  Hit the link for the full sign view.

Unexpected positive unintended consequence of Trial Bike Lane... on Twitpic

No Rides this Week 😦

Total KM Ridden: 827.02

Total $ Saved: $290

Curent Savings: $125– 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)z


One Response to “Healing Up – Big Cycling Week in TO”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Just recently heard about the wreck… heal up man.

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