Wheeling the Dog

One of the greatest benefits of riding a cruiser downtown is that it”s much more stable frame allows me to easily run Banjo, my 70 lb Austrailian Shepherd.  While it’s been way too hot the last week for him to be out mid-day, a 15 minute morning and slight longer evening run next to the bike puts him in a calm state all day long!

Gratuitous Banjo Picture

Between runs with Banjo, this week has been one of my biggest in terms of total distance of the summer.  Riding 3 days in a row to the office at Finch and the DVP put most of the mileage in, but free events and summer fun around downtown kept me in the saddle as well!  Last night I was able to see The Heavy and then Kid Koala for free at the Sirius Stage as part of the Breaks and Beats fest at the Harbourfront.  I’m not sure how more people don’t show up for these things here, but the 1200-1500 that were around got two fantastic shows…and much more to come over the next week.  Having been totally disappointed for not knowing The Roots were playing a couple of weeks ago at Nathan Phillips Square, I’ve recommitted to tapping into the local scene.  These events seem to be only so-so at getting the word out, but a little digging yields some great events throughout the summer.

One of my other bike rides brought me the Spacing release party, my 3rd in the ten months I’ve been in Toronto.  Always a fun time, the release parties have great music, great people, and you leave with a world class magazine about the Urban Envioronment in Toronto.  They are a really big change agent in the city and always do great work…make sure to check them out.

This Week’s Rides

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday To Work and Back – 122.1 KM, $18 saved

Thursday Around Town – 13.19km, $12 Saved

Friday concert – 7.73km, $6 Saved

Total KM Ridden: 759.19
Total $ Saved: $272

Curent Savings: $107 – 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)


2 Responses to “Wheeling the Dog”

  1. Mom Says:

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job combining physical exercise, financial management, environmental conservation and recreation.

    Luv, Mom

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