Toronto Cyclist’s Union Annual General Meeting

Thursday, June 17th was a lovely if not too warm day in Toronto that saw me mainly jaunting about downtown. The day’s rides were none too eventful, except for dealing with the major blockages connected with Much Music awards this weekend and the general blocking of the bike lane that occurs on King St. The latter is nicely dealt with by an easy ride up and over the curb as I go between Bay and Yonge.

The evening proved much more interesting as I attended and participated in the elections for 6 new Executive Board Members to serve the Toronto Cyclists Union. The TCU made huge waves in the past year with a constant voice in the media as cycling has rightfully become a hot topic in discussions ranging from quick chats in the streets right up to the mayoral election. The Union’s 2009 Annual Report highlights successes including a Toronto Cyclists Handbook, now available in 17 languages, the approval of bike share launching in 2011, and financials showing a growing membership and appropriately increased investment into TCU operations. All of this in only 2 years of operation is very promising for the TCU, and while it comes up on it’s 1000th member the future is bright for large growth and increasingly large impact on cycling in Toronto.

The election featured 10 qualified and very passionate cyclists who each spoke for about 2 minutes on why and how they are looking to lead the TCU and support its members. All of those who ran seemed very deserving and I hope that each of them will find ways, whether on the board or not, to work for better cycling in Toronto. In the end 62 ballots were cast by those on hand and I was very happy to find myself among the new members elected to the board! The complete list of 2010 board members is below.

After the event we had a bike union brouhaha at the Rivoli where I had some great conversations with other members including Herb from IBikeTO and James who writes Urban Country. It was really nice to put faces with websites with those two and I’m really looking forward to chatting Bikes at more Union events over the year ahead.

New Bike Union Executive Board Members
Bob Brent
Leehe Lev
Peter Lipscombe
Patrick Brown
Simon Strauss
Nick Cluley

Thank you to all who ran for their interest in making cycling better in Toronto!

Thursday’s Rides
Jun 17th Around Town

Total KM Ridden: 484.49
Total $ Saved: $188
Curent Savings: $23 – 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)


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