Back in a new, wider saddle!

The past month has been a whirlwind…seems like I just landed at Pearson, coming back from NYC but there has been much to do in the meantime. I did some work (put our first major marketing in place for the project I’ve been leading), some play (spent 4 days in LA and a week relaxing in Hawaii…a week that faded from memory way to quickly upon my return), and just recently started exploring the city again…from a different angle. After my last run in with the street car tracks (at Queen and Patrick) and considering the 4-5 other near-falls I experienced with them, I decided that what I needed was another bike in the stable. I decided a fat-tire cruiser was the way to go –editor’s note…if you like Fat Tire Beer, be sure to check out one of New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat celebrations this summer…one of my favorite summer fests- It also happens to be in Chicago the weekend of the G20…road trip!

There was precedence for my decision on the cruiser. While living in Chicago I purchased an Elektra Amstredam prior to the bike I currently ride (Kona Jake). The Amsterdam was truly a piece of junk. In 1 week, i lost my back wheel in the middle of 3 busy intersections, falling twice and being terrified the 3rd time. I chalked the experience up to a mismatch of riding style and bike. Perhaps…At Curbside Cycle, I found a new Batavus Utility Bike that seems to fix the issue. First things first, the bike has a piece of hardware installed to prevent rear-wheel slippage (my track bike friends will know a bit about this as well.).

The Bright Red BuB

So far, no lost wheels. Additionally, the tires are around 2″ wide…which means I don’t care at all about streetcar tracks any more…i can run over them, on them, along them, beside them…no worries! Lastly, I really love the 3 speed hub, the long-distance cruising that the oversized tires provide, the stability to easily (easily is key) ride to the store, grab groceries, and carry them home on my bike (literally in my arm…), and especially the more-visible, upright riding posture that makes sure I’m seen (the fact that I chose a candy red bike also helps). In short, I am not feeling at all limited now with my cadre of bikes…one for the long and aggressive hauls, one for cruising quickly and smoothly through the downtown core…

I’m just reconnecting my brain to this blog, so this Savings Cycle only includes rides from June 14…I can hardly remember what I did the day before, so there is going to have to be a lost month…

Total KM Ridden: 457.96
Total $ Saved: $182
Curent Savings: $17 – 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)

Monday’s Rides:

To Luna Cafe and Back
To David’s Tea, grocery store, and back


One Response to “Back in a new, wider saddle!”

  1. Liz Says:

    Nick, I LOVE your new cruiser!!! I’m dying to buy one out here, but mainly have been shopping around online.

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