NYC Saturday

I flew into NYC (well, technically Newark) on Saturday evening in preparation for Sunday’s 5 Burough Bike Tour.  This is the first time that I have ever flown with bicycle and doing so caused me to be in more than my usual last second packing-frenzy.  For starters, it turns out I have a unique size of bolt on my pedals…so unique that I couldn’t get it off.  Luckily, the box I rented from MEC had enough space for me to leave my pedals on meaning I only had to remove wheels and bars to get everything together (easy!).  At the airport, the great people at Porter Airlines didn’t miss a step, even waiving my fee for bringing the bike (I really wish I could fly everywhere on Porter).  As I watched them X-ray the bike box, I couldn’t help but wish I had an art print of the image on the screen…very cool.  I also noticed what looked like a twisted chain…how’d that happen?  At any rate, I slept the whole way on the flight (1.5 hours) and then got into my cab in Newark for a 2 hour cab ride into the city…the summer street closings are in full effect in NY, which means traffic is brutal on the weekends.  I couldn’t be upset though as 32000 cyclists would surely cause even more issues the next day.

After arriving at The Roosevelt Hotel, the “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue”, I started right away on re-assembling my bike in my 300 sq ft room.  Bars and front wheel were easy as always…now for that twisted chain.  After nearly an hour of fiddling and maniupulating the very tangled chain, and with grease not only all over my hands but also staining the bathroom sink and having ruined two washcloths, the answer came to me.  Apparently, my rear derailleur is able to rotate 360 degrees…and had done so while being placed in the box.  As soon as I rotated it back the other direction, everything came together and a sense of peace in knowing my bike ride would be happening the next day washed over me…I was free to go and find dinner!

I met up with my cousin Audrey and her fiance Brad (congratulations guys!), as well as their friend Meghan, at Krunch at 52nd and 2nd for a light pizza dinner and then walked with Audrey and Meghan back to the Upper West side (80th and Broadway) to grab my packet for the Bike Tour the next day.  The excitement wasn’t done yet!

After cabbing it back to the hotel, I talked to Erin on the phone for a bit and headed out for a 1am walk around midtown.  Strangely, Time’s Square was totally closed off for like 10 blocks leaving teeming masses crowded around the police perimeter.  I figured stupidly that this was for some filming…turns out it was a car bomb.  Luckily, wtith a combination of savvy veteran/street vendor, the fantastic work of the NYPB, and the good fortune of having a very poorly made bomb, everyone was kept safe and no damage was done.

A Quiet Times courtesy of James Maher (google images)

Nothing like a night in the city…to bed at 2:30 with best intentions to be up at 6 to head to Battery Park and the big bike ride.

Since March 20, 2010
Total KM Ridden: 352.4
Total $ Saved: $165
Curent Savings: $0 – 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)


2 Responses to “NYC Saturday”

  1. Lynn Shepard Says:

    I hope you’re going to write more about your experience with the 5 borough bike tour. I was in the tail end of the tour, and felt a lot like a caterpillar at the end of a long procession. Couldn’t see much past the big block of cyclists in front of me, but got lots better at stopping and starting again. Will write about my experience and post to my blog eventually.

  2. simplynick416 Says:

    I’m working to get that tidbit up tonight with photos to be added in as they come available. I started near the middle and made my way up towards the front (caught the first ferry back!). Either way, it was a great day and I hope I can do it justice! Thanks for reading!

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