Toronto Road Pizza

(thanks @heiditee for the witicism)

I bit it for the first time this year, leaving a small patch of arm behind me on the road. I was headed down queen w trying to gather some last second items for my bike packing efforts that I’ll describe in a moment, when, at McCaul street, I hit a perfect storm. The entire right lane was taken up by a public works vehicle, leaving only a slim bit of road between me and the streetcar tracks. The, the driver’s side door opened…no problem…there’s still time…next, the driver stepped out, spotted me and decided that standing close to the truck was his best bet….less room between obstacle and streetcar tracks. Other issue, the truck had evidently just blasted the whole road surface with water…tracks and concrete soaking wet…i pass the man, thank him for noticing me…into the street car tracks. Oh no, this is not just a streetcar track but the exact place where the track branches off to the north…too much streetcar tracks….wobble….did I inflate my tires? No. Down.

You can see the culprit here

The man was very concerned and asked if I was ok…I was. Just chalk this up for more practice falling down (which has to come in handy in times like this). I got up, walked across the rest of the intersection, inspected my bike, and rode on with the understandable shakiness of someone who just ate asphalt. Arm bloodied, and a second strike against cycling on Queen W…I think I might give that one up.

In better news, I then made it back home and got my bike packed up to bring to NYC. I was originally headed just for business on Monday, when I discovered the 5 Burough Bike Tour (5BBT) was happening. This was a great reason to spend some of the savingscycle dollars I’ve saved up. In the end, it’s $180 for the ticket for the ride and the bike box rental from MEC ($10 a day! Sweet!). That means only $15 out of pocket and am empty savingscycle account.

Saturday Ride about:
05/01/2010 Route

Since March 20, 2010
Total KM Ridden: 352.4
Total $ Saved: $165
Curent Savings: $0 – 5 Burough Bike Tour ($165)

Total Falls: 1


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