A Dandytime and My First Bike Box

Thursday was spent downtown for me, mostly at 221 Yonge St with the remainder in liberty village and on king w. It was such a beautiful day that I rode back and forth to the west side of town an extra time just for the sake of being inefficient and enjoying the rhythms of king st traffic. The Dandyhorse release party was a great place to have a couple of beers. Erin and I ate at “Forget About It” across from the Bell Lightbox, which was a bit overpriced and had warm beer. In their defense, I would go back for the mussels in white wine and tomato sauce…they were amazing. The patio was charming as day turned to dusk and passersby trawled their food options. The only reason we ended up there was that the hostess was perfectly aggressive and welcoming in inviting us in. We were caught off gaurd and seated before we knew it which is both a testament to her and also exemplary of how hungry we were. Over at the Canadian Corps Club on Niagara (which sadly seems to have just been sold?) there were cold beers, and many many bikes.

The new issue of the magazine looks really good as it takes a look at women who have strengthened the bike scene in Toronto. We bought 5 raffle tickets, which seem to have come up dry, and chatted for a while with some folks from Bike Sauce, the new DIY place on Queen and River. I can’t wait to swing by as my bike needs a little love (i think new cabling…and coming up on a new chain and crankset in the next month or so). They were awesome and their t shirts, made by Me to We, looked great too.

The local connections didn’t stop there. Friday was spent connecting and collaborating with local businesses. At first, Toronto didn’t seem to have the sheer mass of local business that I was used to in Chicago but as I’m digging deeper, I realize I don’t spend enough time looking. We found some great local businesses to work with on some exciting upcoming events. For now, I just want to give them a quick shout here as they are all doing some great work:

Big It Up – hats, hats, and more hats. But they’re all sweet.
Ms Lube – auto shop run by women for anyone who likes understanding their car’s issues
Lam’s Hair Spa – Lam’s mission? To remind people of themselves. Website under construction.
Curbside Cycle – Great bike shop that pushes city bike culture as the next revolution.
Freshbooks – Invoicing system for small biz.
Play de Record – Awesome tunes shop on Yonge. Really the kind of place you want a record store to be.

Can’t wait to work with these guys…in fact, I already found a concert to go to through @Playderecord on Twitter. JW and Blaze boat cruise in June…back to Palancin like at Carnival for me…

I finished my Friday with a trip to MEC and rented a Bike Box as I’m headed for some stateside riding this weekend. Only $10 a day for a functional (not highly technical) bike box. Still beats the heck out of cardboard and being questioned by TSA.

Thursday Round the Downtown:
April 29 Rides

Friday Round the Downtown
Around town on Friday

Since March 20, 2010
Total KM Ridden: 346.1
Total $ Saved: $159


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