To the Direct Energy Centre…

After a brief stop home following the St George walking tour, I had to head down to the Direct Energy Centre to set up a booth for the Green Living Show. Setting up for conventions is always a fun time, and something always seems to go awry despite my best efforts. Nonetheless, the setup came together in the end and I’m looking forward to checking out the show later in the weekend.

On the ride down to the show, my mind went back to what it meant to have an integrated bike system as I headed along the lakeshore. On Queens Quay, I started out in a bike lane (albeit under heavy construction) at Sherbourne, saw the bike land disappear after Yonge Street, allowing for car parking for the lakefront businesses, and then saw it reappear after Spadina. While this really isn’t a bad ride, it does get a bit sketchy at York where traffic tends to flow on and off of Queens Quay pretty heavily. In addition, the retail just w of york brings a heavy in and out of parking users that further challenges cyclists. It seems like this area could certainly benefit from a continuous bikelane as the cycle traffic is high throughout the day and especially as it is the only missing link connecting the east side of downtown to the west side Blue Edge…

Ride to Direct Energy Centre:
iMapMyRide: 2010-04-23 6:29 PM

Since March 20:
Total KM Ridden: 217.77
Total $ Saved: $113


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