I rode to and from work today and decided this morning to really try to bust out some good times. Generally, I don’t strive for times but I discovered that the MapMyRide App has a feature that will tell you, during your ride, how far you’ve gone, fast you’re going, and what pace you’re keeping. Brilliant! The new technology (and a beautiful day for cycling) sped me to work in 51 mins this morning. On the way home, going down the aforementioned Twitchy Thigh Hill, I hit 60kph and was keeping pace with traffic on Don Mills Road…if i hadn’t had 25lbs of pannier hanging off the left side of my bike, i’m sure it would have been even faster….

To and from Work:
iMapMyRide: 2010-04-21 7:34 PM
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Since March 20, 2010:

Total $ Saved: $107
Total KM Ridden: 198.69


2 Responses to “60kph”

  1. Cindy Says:

    You’ve inspired me to hop on my bike and start riding to work!
    18kms one way no longer seems that far. Especially not after checking out what you’re clocking!

    I used to carry my stuff around in a knapsack – is the switch to panniers worth it?

    • simplynick416 Says:

      That’s awesome Cindy! 18km is no joke but getting on the bike is the first step to making it happen. If you’re not used to riding that far, plan your route so that you’re near a bus route that you’re comfortable with. That way, if you really bonk, you can toss your bike on the bus and still make it to work until you build your stamina. As for panniers, I switched to them this year so that I could carry a bit more. While I used a messenger bag before, it didn’t let me pack a laptop as well as a change of clothes (bike chic isn’t really acceptable at the office unfortunately). The panniers give me the extra room I need…

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