A rather blustery day…

Today marks one month on the savings cycle and i hit $101 saved so far! If that’s a bad weather month, May should be fun!

After a typical Monday at the office, I was invited to check out the Skydome (sorry Rogers…it’s just a better name) and catch a Blue Jays game. I knew going in that the Royals and Jays don’t carry what i would call impressive fan bases, but when we walked inside (always weird…) to the baseball game, I was surprised that the paltry crowd even warranted turning the lights on. It’s early in the season, and the Jays aren’t promising to be worldbeaters but 10,314 people? I think even that number must have been counting the toes on each fan based on appearances. But I digress…

Today was a much more eventful day in and around the saddle as the riding to and from the Skydome is getting a bit redundant (Erin works at Spot Coffee across the street). This morning i hit the ride into work in an hour and nine and managed to snap what i thought would be an impressive picture from the pedestrian (and bike friendly) crossover just north of dundas on pape. I didn’t really see the gravel pits this morning some how…

Then, just before Twitchy Thigh Hill (which is on Don Mills Road, heading N betweeb York Mills and Graydon Hall), i found what i thought was a pretty cool advertisement for Bullfrog Power. I’ve only glanced at the facebook page that the link (www.paymoreforenergy.ca) directs to, but I like what this company is doing in helping to green the grid.

At the Goodlife club that i clean up at before work, I had my 2nd pretty cool bike interaction of the young week. On Sunday I rode by an adorable little girl and her dad while she was on her initial 2-wheel excursion. She was being let go of at the top of a little hill and rolling across the laneway our house is on. I made sure to tell her good job as I rode by and was really happy to hear her exclaim “The man said good job!!” in the giggly and excited voice of a new bike rider. Welcome to the roads! (sidewalks first though, little buddy.

This morning as I was leaving the locker room, panniers in hand, a 20-something guy greeted me with an astonished “you bike here???” Looking down, he was decked out in full cycling gear himself. Turns out his name’s Elliot and he works at Grey Power, in the office next door. While I was a bit surprised to see another cyclist out in the hinterlands, seeing me had apparently blasted Elliot’s mind…the look on his face was priceless. He rides in from Ajax which is a 30k ride. Hopefully Elliot will see more cyclists around the office and elsewhere…but for now i think it’s awesome that he’s cycling in from way out there.

The ride home was tough as i fought a headwind the whole way…even going downhill it was a tedious ride that left me ready for some horizontal time. To wrap things up, I’ve been meaning to post a picture of my bike (looking dirty as usual) just because I feel that it deserves some spoke time seeing how it does all of the work…

Monday Jays Game: 04/21/2010 Jays Game

Tuesday to/from Work: iMapMyRide: 2010-04-20 4:50 PM

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