We’ve got Pictures!

Took a quick ride over to Kensington Market yesterday and was caught out in the rain again. I managed to make my way to The Grilled Cheese for a tasty lunch, then grabbed a bag of coffee from Casa Acoreana where they have all types of delicious things in jars. The whole place reminded me of a no-waste grocery store (bring your own container) that Erin thought of once. Later, it turned out that one had opened in London. Really hope to visit that place at some point.

I also managed to ride past the brick-tastrophe that happened on Yonge and Gould yesterday and get a better photo of the breakdown. I’ve included a photo from about 6 months ago of the same stretch of wall that fell as a before/after of sorts.

Saturday’s Rides:
To Kensington (4.35km) iMapMyRide: 2010-04-17 2:00 PM
Find more Walks in Toronto, Ontario
From Kensington (4.18KM) iMapMyRide: 2010-04-17 3:08 PM
Find more Runs in Toronto, Ontario

Total Saved: $89
Total KM: 109.32


One Response to “We’ve got Pictures!”

  1. Mason Higa Says:

    WOW!!! Great idea for a blog! I love the Total Saved and Total KM on the bottom. You are so crafty 🙂 Good luck on your adventure and best wishes. See you in Hawaii!!!

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