The walls come tumbling down…

What a beautiful 3 days we’ve had here in Toronto since my last post. Aside from getting caught out in the rain (this morning) for a bit, it was perfect cycling weather…and equally good for making new contacts and experiencing new parts of this most intriguing city. Wednesday and Thursday found me largely working from home, piling through emails and catching up between meetings downtown…but i made time to get over to spend my first couple of hours at CSI (Centre for Social Innovation) on Wednesday and it was awesome. There is so much good energy in that place, it spills downstairs through Dark Horse and all over the bike racks out front on Spadina. I am really happy to have a small part of such an innovative and positive think tank.

On Thursday I rode over to the new location that we’re building at work (much more on this later…as its EXTREMELY exciting but still under wraps as of yet…Can’t wait to say more) in the morning to take a tour of the space and get quote from a potential vendor. At the end of the day, I met up with a colleague at OCAD for a quick jam session, downloading our new progress to each other and making a few important decisons. Then it was over to the CN tower where Banjo and Erin cheered me on as I climbed 142 flights of stairs to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. I was not in top form, but got up the stairs in 15:04 (Climb Results)while raising $150 for a great cause. ING DIRECT, all in, raised over $10,000 and it was great to see all of the orange onsite for the big event. The CN tower itself was, honestly, underwhelming. The best views seem to be from the elevators, which I kept wishing I could pause to take it all in. The retail area looked a bit like 1984 and the whole place seemed to need a big update. The most interesting part had to be the weird air-powered security system. I could write at length about how I think the little air guns do whatever it is they do as they blast you with bursts of cold air head to toe, but I’m almost sure that my ideas that the machine is smelling you are unfounded.

Today started off with a nice morning with Erin as we rode over to Service Ontario to (finally) get our health cards. We were unsuccessful for a second time. Again, too long a story to relate here.

After a quick bagel at Spot Coffee (Erin’s work), headed by Scotiabank to make a deposit and then home to finalize plans for the Green Living Show next week and do some more emailing. At 1, I headed down to John and King for a meeting with the Toronto Office of Partnerships. This city is really onto something here. Manjit and Peter, as well as the rest of the office, serve as innovation expediters for the city connecting the many frayed public and private efforts that, when connected, build the fabric of Toronto. We are working on some very cool projects regarding the hTO water program as well as cycling in Toronto…again can’t wait to say more!

After that it was over to the Dutch Consulate to discuss our Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike (Event Homepage) event that’s taking place on May 30. It’s a $15 fun ride followed by Dutch market at Nathan Phillips Square. All of the money raised goes to give bicycles to underprivileged youth in conjunction with Toronto Community Housing. I’m proud to say that ING DIRECT is adding $5000 to that total with the hopes of providing some 75 bikes in total. We will also be providing bike valet the day of the ride and, hopefully, representing onsite with 50+ riders from the company.

Amidst all of this, a news story broke today that a wall on Yonge and Gould fell down (Story here), injuring one pedestrian. I looked just recently at renting this building and am THRILLED that we chose not to…as well as very empathetic with what must be difficult situations for the injured person and family as well as the businesses in the rest of that space.

As a final note, I should certainly take a moment to clarify that I am happily employed by ING DIRECT and will be mentioning that company often in this blog. Also, Erin is my wife, Banjo is my dog. and Lilly (not mentioned here) is my cat who may also make appearances from time to time.

3 Day’s Rides:
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Friday Rides: 04/16/2010 Friday Rides
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Total saved since March 20 over TTC: $83
Total KM Ridden since April 7: 100.79km


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  1. HeidiTee Says:

    Are you a hyper-hypo aka hyperactive hypoglycemic because you have the energy of a 5 year-old hopped up on goofballs. Kee-rist.

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