I need a hot tub…

Arrrrghhh…that hurt.  After a great ride to work, then home from work yesterday I headed to a rec league soccer game at 9pm.  I was doing great…great!  Until the final 5 minutes.  I broke into a hard sprint down the right, felt my hamstring pop like a rubber band, and pulled myself out of the game.    This morning my right hammy feels horribly tight and painful to the point of being nauseating (nice).  Looking back to earlier in the day, though, it was a good first ride to and from work on iMapMyRide.  I was suprised that my top speeds and average speeds weren’t a bit higher and also to find that it only takes me 10 minutes longer going in (uphill) vs the other direction.

In other news, I registered to attend the complete streets forum on April 23rd in Toronto…can hardly wait!

Ride to Work:
iMapMyRide: 2010-04-12 7:53 AM
Find more Bike Rides in Toronto, Ontario

Ride Home:
iMapMyRide: 2010-04-12 5:49 PM
Find more Bike Rides in Toronto, Ontario


One Response to “I need a hot tub…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    AHHHH! I hope that hamstring is better before Hawaii!! It’s fun to read about your biking adventures. I’d love to say that I will try riding to work–but thats waaaaay to far for now. Maybe in the future the opportunity will arise.

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