St Lawrence Market day = Another Great Dinner

While I went for a ride to GWP as well as to the House on Parliament (always fantastic) on Thursday and saved another $6.00 on the SavingsCycle, all of that has been obscured by a great new iPhone app and subsequent recipe find yesterday.  I started the morning downloading the Epicurious iPhone App, which allows you to search for recipes and then have any number of recipes combined into a shopping list (awesome!).  Having already purchased some delicious lemon-black pepper fetuccine, I really felt that a good lemon cream sauce was all i needed for a great dinner.  What I found was the recipe below…which turned out to be the most delicious pasta dish I think I have ever had.  For those in Toronto, pick up lemon black pepper pasta at the Italian deliat the SW end of the St Lawrence Market.  I also added a nice chunk of smoked gruyere (shredded) to the sauce before letting it cool…yum.

Pasta in Lemon Cream Sauce

In other news, I’m still searching for some time to add pictures and flair to this currently boring page…i’ll get to it!

Friday’s Ride Maps (no rides Saturday) – I had forgot to use the GPS mapping, so these are manual and estimated again

To GWP and back – 6.91KM – 25 mins

To House on Parliament and Back (With a delicious Seared Tuna in the middle) – 2.33KM- 12 mins


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