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ooohhh what a day at the office yesterday was.  Being attacked by suprises of all different types on all different fronts turned me into a basketcase.  Riding the TTC home (it was really rainy yesterday), I almost lost it on a baggy-pantsed guy who was playing iPhone guitar hero or some ridiculous loud thing…luckily, I recovered just in time to offer my seat to a mother and her daughter, which lightened my mood a bit.  Regardless, my arrival home was followed by forcing Erin to listen to my work day run-down while she grew hungrier and hungrier…which is like a time bomb waiting to eat….tick tock….tick tock.

In the end, we headed to Mill Street Brewery by bike (routes posted below).  The Spring Bock is a must-try for this season, and last night’s CoffeePorter BBQ Beef Sandwich was perfect to get me back to positivity…that and the bike ride.  It was one of those days that could only be corrected by the freedom of sketching across the pedestrian walkway at a red light to keep from stopping, a good night to ride handsfree and just smile at how nice life is on the saddle. 

my only small complaint, and you may see this from the roundabout routes I’m taking, is that Parliament Street is a cyclist’s nightmare right now between u-turning cabbies, pedestrians shooting out, and the construction that forces a decision between taking the whole (and only) lane of traffic heading or being in the terrifying 8″ of concrete between construction barrels and streetcar tracks…please hurry and fix this street!

I’ve also noted that there’s a difference on MapMyRide between route mapping and workout tracking…but I’ll make sure time and even calories lost appear next time.

Today’s routes:

To Mill Street:

Mill street april 8
Find more Bike Rides in Toronto, Ontario

From Mill Street:

Home from mill street 2010-04-08 9:55 PM
Find more Bike Rides in Toronto, Ontario

No dollars saved today as I would’ve walked otherwise…but saved my day regardless


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