Unwrapping my new blog…

Today marked a big day in my quest to track how much money I save by cycling as I passed $50 in a little program I set up for myself called Savings Cycle.  Each time I take a bike ride for a trip that I would have otherwise had to take public transit for, I give myself the price of public transit saved.  So far, I’ve saved this year in Toronto (mostly) and Chicago (one round trip).  I do this really easily using a mobile banking app and have yet to determine what to use the untold millions that I’m sure I’ll have by the end of the summer for, but the exercise helps me automate my saving in a way that’s important to me…getting around in a way that is not only healthy for me, but for the urban environment in which I live.

I’ll share more on exactly how I determine whether I saved a TTC ride or not in the future, but today I was able to see a part of town that was new to me (The Annex) briefly, and also had some great meetings that should go a long way towards encouraging other Toronto Savers.

The day was full of thunderstorms and on/off rain, but I was lucky enough to only get caught out in it once.  I started off by heading over to see Erin at OnTheFourth, who is working hard to spread the culture of the city bike in North America by not only bringing Batavus bikes to the continent, but by really showing the value of the little luxury that is a loveable, dependable bike.  Batavus is sponsoring the GoGreenGoDutchGoBike event here in Toronto along with ING DIRECT.  The ride is a fun event comprised of a bike ride and dutch market at Nathan Phillips Square.  The cost to join the fun is $15, comes with a sweet t-shirt, and goes directly to purchase bikes for underprivileged youth.

After that I rode down to the Centre for Social Innovation and picked up my new key fob for the hot desk that I’ll be occupying for about 20 hours a month.  There are so many great things happening under the roof at 215 Spadina and I am thrilled to be joining them in working to keep Toronto changing and moving forward.  A trip home for lunch and then back out to a meeting at our branding agency, followed by a ride home in the rain.  Really productive day and I determined that the Annex is a neighborhood that I will certainly be spending more (and hopefully drier) time at in the future.
Today’s route:

Parliament and Dundas =>Sherbourne=>College=>Bathurst=>Bloor=>415 Bloor – – 5.25KM, 15 minutes, $3.00 saved

@MapMyRide http://www.mapmyride.com/route/ca/on/toronto/931127069316337855

415 Bloor=>Spadina=>215 Spadina – – 2.23KM, 7 minutes, this one’s on the house

@MapMyRide http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/on/toronto/128127069327726328

215 Spadina=>Dundas=>Parliament and Dundas – -2.95KM, 10 minutes, $3.00 Saved

@MapMyRide http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/on/toronto/502127069333622490

RT Parliament and Dundas=>Sherbourne=>Richmond=>Spadina=>44 Spadina – -6.44KM, 15 mnutes, on the house

@MapMyRide http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/on/toronto/260127069352622799

*Beer Run Dundas and Parliament -> Sherbourne=>Wellesley => Parliament => Beer Store => Parliament and Dundas – – 2.84KM – – 10 minutes – – on the house..

@MapMyRide http://www.mapmyride.com/route/ca/on/toronto/245127072510538628

Total for Day: 19.71KM and $6.00 in the pocket that would otherwise be with the TTC.

thanks for checking this out…I already found a new tool…iPhone app for MapMyRide.  One day in and we’re automating…love it.  I’ll work to clean up and add some brevity (that’s an interesting concept…adding brevity…)in the days/weeks to come.


One Response to “Unwrapping my new blog…”

  1. Jay Charendoff Says:

    Hey Nick….

    You probably thought I’d never look at your blog, but you’d be wrong.

    I too have a blog called The Rainbow Project: less writing than yours, more photography / graphics.

    One day, I’ll forward that link to you…

    Stay away from those #@#$@$ streetcar tracks!


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